Sister Derby reveals why she decided to perform at Medikal concert despite all the controversies (video)

2019 “this is sowutuom” concert by medikal saw two major surprise performances on stage.

The first was strongman whom he had a heated beef with weeks before the concert and the ultimate surprise act was sister Derby showing up to perform “too risky” with him.

Many people were surprised to see her on stage because of what medikal did to her, ditching her for Fella makafui.

Sister Derby has revealed why she went to perform with Medikal, according to her she received the invitation and didn’t feel angry about it so she didn’t know why she should stay at home.

She added that, if medikal was to get a BET nomination and invite her to p[erform her verse, she wouldn’t hesitate.

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“I was invited to perform,” she disclosed in an interview. “And I wasn’t angry so I questioned why people didn’t want me on the stage. And I do have a hit song with that person, and that’s my work. So, if the person was called to perform at BET Awards and he asks me to perform my verse, will I deny him?” She stated.

watch the video below.