SHS girl causes confusion on social media after she was recorded tw3rk!ng at the school bathhouse (watch video)

It has reached a stage where it is intolerable that a significant number of the senior high school ladies attending our schools are getting into trouble on a diverse range of social media sites.

There are fresh accounts published every day of people behaving badly on various websites, like Facebook and Tiktok, among others.

A high school girl can be seen in one of the video that have gone viral. In the video, she is twerking and dancing while her classmates film the performance.

As a direct consequence of the video’s growing notoriety across various social media platforms, she is damaging the image she has worked so hard to cultivate for herself.

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At this point, neither the girl’s identity nor the institution that she attends have been established as certain facts.

Watch the viral video that’s been posted down below.