She is breathing – Fake Obinim exposed after claiming to resurrect a dead woman (Video)

After reviving a purported dead lady during a service, the self-acclaimed man of God, Daniel Obinim, once more shows his dramatic side in order to deceive his followers.

A social media video of the incident has caused a huge uproar.

Obinim is seen in the video with a microphone  where a platform has been built up in the center of the stage.

The platform has a lady laying on it who is purportedly deceased.

She is prayed for by Obinim, who asserts that he has brought her spirit back from the afterlife.

His amazed crowd praised him for raising a deceased woman from the dead.

Social media users, on the other hand, were more perceptive and recognized that the woman who was supposed to be dead was breathing through the miracle right away.

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But she was breathing anaa? a netizen reacted

Another said: “But she is breathing, Anaa meyale?

Watch the video below;