Shatta wale replies MOG beatz for claiming he is indebted to him since 2018

Only minutes after MOG Beatz made the bold comments, Shatta Wale replied to the accusations levied against him by the producer.

Shatta Wale has refuted allegations made by famous producer MOG Beatz that he has yet to be compensated by the Dancehall artist since working on his Reign Album in 2018, as well as other promised rewards that have yet to be provided.

In response to the accusations, Shatta said that MOG merely gave him the beats, which he then recorded and perfected himself, and that despite this, he went ahead and sorted him out.

“You sent me beats, l mix an master my dongs myself, l sort you out teee, now internet give you mouth to come talk nonsense”  Shatta noted.

Shatta Wale says monies paid to the producer were sent to his mother, whom he still has records of, in what would be the judge in this situation. He added, “Remember, I have express pay records of moneys I give to your mom’s phone.”