“Shatta wale came begging for forgiveness but i did not mind him”- Pope Skinny

Rapper Pope Skinny has disclosed that he is not ready to go back to the camp of SM because most people attributed his hard work to the image of Shatta wale which was killing his shine.

According to him, contrary to the popular perception that he was sacked from Shatta wale’s camp, he revealed that he was the one that left and even shatta wale came to apologize but he did not give him a second chance.

He told Radio Central thus – “It was better I moved away from Shatta Wale because he was killing my shine, most people tagged my hard work with the image of Shatta, in which I was offended most of the time,” he said.

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He added: “Although he has tried several times to apologize to me, I’m not ready to work with Shata Wale Again.”