Seven years old rapper, Foto copy, asked to return to school by radio host after going on radio tour at Angel FM (video)

Being Ghana’s youngest rapper at the age of seven comes with its own set of challenges, which foto copy experienced when he came to Angel FM for an interview.

The child rapper agreed to go on a radio tour with his father in the Nation’s Capital to support his art after launching ‘Megye Me Dow’ Featuring Clemento Suarez and Qwaachi, but things did not go as expected when he walked into the ABN studios.

During the chat, Nana Kwami Gyan, the co-host, controversially advised the musician’s father to return his son to school rather than transferring him from one media house to the next in the name of granting interviews because his almost swollen eyes indicate he has not had enough rest.

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This did not sit well with his father, which culminated in a heated debate between them.