Senior House Master denies Allegations that his refusal to sign an Exeat Killed a sick student.

We reported earlier that a student died at Dwamena Akenten Senior High School after he was refused an exeat to go home for treatment.

The housemaster Andrew Agyeman has denied that he was the cause of the death of the student, saying that all students who are not well are supposed to report to the school infirmary.

Issaka Karim died on Monday 11th  February after class hours.

“The allegation you have is neither here nor there. We are always here 24 hours, checking the students, knowing their whereabouts. We tell them that when they are sick, they should seek permission. Even if the headmaster isn’t around, as a senior housemaster, I can guarantee them to go to the hospital. So, the allegation that we denied him the exeat is not true. As parents, we will not allow the students to die. We found him in the dormitory in the afternoon, where we saw that the condition was not good. So, we decided that we should take him to hospital, where he was pronounced dead,” Andrew Agyeman said.