See what happened when Twene Jonas met face to face with Ghana’s head of Information on the streets of New york.

Twene Jonas met with Ghana’s Heads Of information Frederick Kofi Ameyaw face-to-face abroad and it wasn’t easy.

Frederick Kofi Ameyaw pleaded with Twene Jonas to slow down his assault on Ghanaian politicians, but it only encouraged Twene Jonas to fire more shots.

Twene added that President Nana Addo, can never do anything to him because Ghana belongs to all of us.

He also said that if they were in Ghana, Ameyaw may have assaulted him, but that since they are in the United States, the laws shield him.

Frederick Kofi Ameyaw shrewdly handed Jonas his business card and urged him to stay in touch.

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Twene has since been hailed as a hero for keeping Ghana’s leaders on theirstoes.

Check out the video below: