Sakawa ring eating the boy’s finger at Kasoa finally removed by a mallam (video)

A mallam in Kasoa has eventually removed the mystical ring that was trapped on a 19-year-old young man who seemingly stole it from a Sakawa boy who was his friend.

This was confirmed by a man named Kofi Adjei, who talked on Hitzfm, which was listening to.

The mallam was able to remove the ring after many tries, according to Kofi Adjei, but he gave the aforementioned guy’s family a one-week deadline to get things to appease the gods.

¨…the mallam said the family should buy some items before he gets his freedom else he is walking dead in the spiritual reality, they have used his soul for sacrifice, he is already dead, they will either make a car hit him to manifest physically but he is dead in the spirit, the mallam gave them one week and if they don’t perform the sacrifice, the boy will die¨ – Kofi Adjei mentioned.

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