Rev. Boakye rains curses on his wife and her family after a video of her fighting over church money surfaced

Reverend Anthony Kwadwo Boakye, the founder and head of Resurrection Power New Generation Ministries, has cursed his wife, Reverend Mrs. Anthony Boakye, and her family.

Rev. Anthony Boakye, who is furious, claims that his wife and her brother, Reverend Johnson Kwasi Oware, are deliberately trying to make him look foolish in public.

In a video that has gone viral, the sickly pastor, who has been gone from the pulpit for more than nine months, asked that his illness be passed on to his wife and her generation.

“He has insulted me on three occasions, to which I did not respond. This sickness that has inflicted me, I reverse it to you and your children for the rest of your life. Akwasi, you should take my sickness for the rest of your life. Yaa Asantewaa, take my sickness, you and your children. Have it for the rest of your life. You are seeking to disgrace me,” Reverend Boakye said while addressing his church members from a remote location virtually.

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The church leader’s reaction comes after a disagreement over church funds between his wife and the church’s authorities.

The power battle between Reverend Mrs. Anthony Boakye, the wife of the church’s founder, and the leaders of Resurrection Power New Generation Ministries recently reached a new pitch when churchgoers helped pay for his white automobile.

When the church members’ donations were being counted, Mrs. Anthony Boakye was seen on CCTV tape hitting several of the leaders of the congregation.

Reverend Johnson Kwasi Oware, a brother of Mrs. Boakye, provided details of the argument in an interview with Ekuonaba TV.

Reverend Oware criticized his sister’s behavior and said that a group of church officials planned the entire incident to bring shame on his sister.

“I believe my sister overreacted. But the agreement is there. The agreement was that the pastor’s wife, the church leaders, and all the stakeholders would designate a representative to join the counting of the money, and that is what has been in place for a while. But on Sunday, the pastor’s wife learnt that the church leaders who are seeking to squander the money had gone to sit where the counting was being done, and that was what prompted her to confront them,” he explained.

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Reverend Anthony Boakye, however, instructed his wife to remain away from anything connected to the church’s money in a recent virtual address to his church’s members.

“I don’t regard you as a pastor anymore. I will only call you a pastor if my tongue slips. Everyone should call her Yaa Asantewaa,” Rev Boakye admonished his church.

Watch the video below;