"Ras Nene is currently on top of Lil win"- Sumsum 1

“Ras Nene is currently on top of Lil win”- Sumsum

With his contagious humor, Ghanaian actor Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi, better known as Ras Nene and now Dr. Likee, has undoubtedly been the best social media phenomenon in recent times.

"Ras Nene is currently on top of lil win"- Sumsum

So far this year, the star has shown a side of himself that has been shielded from the media, sparking a controversy among many people wondering why he has never been cast in a comedic role in a film.

Ras Nene’s appreciation continues, as Kumawood actor Sumsum Ahoufe eulogized him in an interview.

"Ras Nene is currently on top of lil win"- Sumsum

Sumsum, the self-acclaimed handsome star, revealed to Poleeno Multimedia on the subject of ‘The Comeback Of Kumawood,’ that digital networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube) have really supported some actors and actresses ever since the Kumawood movie hit the brick.

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He claims that God has a justification behind what he does, claiming that some actors have been able to retain their fame status after the Kumawood film’s failure.

In the presence of Lilwin and other comedians, Sumsum Ahoufe mentioned Ras Nene aka Likee and referred to him as the “man of the moment.”

People who watch Ghanaian movies, especially those from Kumawood, will testify to the fact that Ras Nene is almost always cast as an armed robber or a thug due to his frightening appearance, and he rarely plays a different role.

"Ras Nene is currently on top of lil win"- Sumsum

“…youtube has really helped many actors, you look at Ras Nene, he was always assigned the character of an armed robber because of his frightening face at first, but now he’s counted among the best comedians in Ghana, and I can also tell he’s the Man Of The Moment,” he told Poleeno.

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So you’re implying that Ras Nene is larger than Lilwin? Poleeno had inquired.

Ras Nene will never be bigger than Lilwin, according to Sumsum, but he will be ranked first among other comedians, including Lilwin.

See the video below to see the interview (Forward to 12:25 minute)

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