Prost!tute arrested for selling her baby to an unknown person for Ghc 14,000

When a prostitute realized that her newborn child might be a liability for her business, she decided to sell the child for the equivalent of fourteen thousand cedis (N600,000).

Mary Olatayo, the prostitute, and Chioma Esther Ogbonna, her companion and alleged conspirator, have both been detained as a result of this investigation.

Prost!tute arrested for selling her baby to an unknown person for Ghc 14,000 1

It has been reported that the father of the child has filed a complaint with the authorities, claiming that he has done everything in his power to discover the location of his child but to no effect.

The following is what the police had to say in response to this report:

“He complained further that the lady suddenly disappeared with the baby from the apartment three weeks after delivery, only for her to be found in a hotel, where she allegedly went for a “h%okup” with another man. He said all efforts to know where the baby was proved futile.

On interrogation, Olatayo confessed to the Police that she has sold the baby to someone in Anambra State for N600,000. She confessed that it was her friend, Chioma Esther Ogbonna, who led her to the buyer in Anambra State and that they both shared the money equally. Her confession led to the arrest of Ogbonna, who also corroborated Olatayo’s claims.

Further investigation revealed that Olatayo, a native of Omu-Aran in Kwara State, is a call girl, who sees the baby as a disturbance to her business, hence she decided to do away with the baby,” the statement reads in part.