“I need a husband urgently”- Pretty lady cries on the internet – Photos

A pretty lady practically begs for a husband, asking someone interested in her to walk her down.

"I need a husband urgently"- Pretty lady cries on the internet - Photos 1

Oma is a beautiful young lady who made a social media post saying she wants a husband and it is really urgent.

Oma should obviously be in her mid to late twenties from her appearance and clearly ready to settle down, but maybe none showed interest in her.

She posted two accompanying pictures on Twitter…

Lightheartedly displaying her goods to buy customers. Oma said she is in desperate need of a husband and she will explain why after the honeymoon.

she wrote;

Someone should coman marry me pls, it’s urgent biko, I’ll explain during my honeymoon.

below are her post and some reaction.

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"I need a husband urgently"- Pretty lady cries on the internet - Photos 2

Nkem replied: Marriage is not what you need! Marriage is not a solution! Whatever the issue, take it to the Lord in prayer. Don’t rush into marriage so that you will not start looking for an urgent way out!

Rapulu wrote: Send me your dad’s account number Lemme send him the bride price. You can pack and come down to my house once he gets the credit alert.

Officialteam commented: I don’t av money now,i don’t want to use Black Friday to marry somebody’s Daughter (90% discount) But when meet ur Mr Right and una pick date cinematographer nd photographer dey available

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