Pretty lady stops a policeman on the streets and starts dancing for him (watch video)

A viral video shows a daring woman stopping a police officer and starting to dance for him. Miriam Kesanga, a lady, caused a stir with her action, and the outcome had many people praising her.

The short video she posted on TikTok began with a well-dressed police officer walking somewhere, only to be stopped by a lady who touched him from behind.

As soon as he turned around, a lady with a welcoming smile placed an MP on the ground and began dancing to Megasco’s song Sokoto.

The officer stood there silently watching her. After performing various dance moves, she got down on one knee and offered him something from her pocket. She then returned the officer’s compliment with a salute. He responded similarly, and they both shook hands.

@miriamkesanga #SurpriseCom ♬ son original – Journaliste Miriam K

Social media reactions

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Héritier said:

“This is a good example to follow in life you have to be someone who takes the stress out of people than to stress people out.”

Tifs Akoms said:

“Congratulations my dear I appreciate what you do the good mood you give people, as long as you do it to make someone happy God.”

user5546813535942 said: “This is a case of troubles for my country Togo i hope a lot of lessons.”

maurexyRob said:

“He don calm down, where he see fine girl.”

Sir Gee said:

“Wow…Di’s beautiful. I love ur confidence dear. ur putting smile on many people face, keep it up.the Lord is ur strength.”