Pretty Girl goes crazy after Abusing a Drug called ‘Reff’ (video)

The youth of today mostly have taken drug abuse to be a normal thing.

In Ghana, the most abused drug is weed and Tramadols, whiles cough syrups, super glue, and ashees are the new upcoming trends in people who abuse drugs.

A video of a young beautiful girl who went crazy after abusing a drug called ‘reff’ is fast trending on social media.

In the video the lady was seen acting crazy with her family trying to calm her down, the distinguished green tongue she had was the effect of the reff drug,

watch the videos below.

”ref” is the street name for Rohypnol and is most often used as a ‘date rape’ drug; it renders the victim unable to resist.

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Rohypnol is a tranquilizer about ten times more potent than Valium. Users either crush the pills and snort the powder; sprinkle it on marijuana and smoke it; dissolve it in a drink or inject it.

The effects include loss of muscle control, confusion, drowsiness, and amnesia.