'Pretend to be broke without money to find real love'- Guy advises his colleague 1

‘Pretend to be broke without money to find real love’- Guy advises his colleague

A gentlemen advises young men to remain broke, regardless of their financial situation, before they find someone who can fully commit to them.

“I would urge you to remain broke as a young man. Wait before you meet someone who would love you in your current condition. This is the only way to realize she loves you for who you are, not for how much money you have.” He made the observation.


This, he claims, is the only way to know whether the lady in your life is in it for the money or is really in love with you and willing to stay regardless of the financial situation.

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Many marriages are being shattered these days as a result of financial problems. Ladies who are not genuinely in love with guys but have chosen to be with them because of the financial benefits they will receive will lose no time in ending the relationship if they do not receive the same help in the future, and it is encouraging to see people brainstorming solutions to this issue.

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