Pope skinny reacts to reports by the [email protected] president that he was [email protected] (video)

Pope Skinny has reacted aggressively to claims made by a self-proclaimed Gay President who posted a picture of the rapper, implying that he is also gay.

Pope skinny reacts to reports by the G@y president that he was G@y (video)

Not long ago, a video surfaced in which a man claiming to be Ghanaian Gay President said that Pope Skinny was treated as a slut in the Gay community because he switches partners.

He showed an old picture of the rapper and challenged him to come out and refute it, so he showed the whole country of Ghana Pope Skinny’s private life.

The rapper, for his part, has referred to the accusations. Anyone who labels Pope Skinny as Gay would be run over by a bus, according to Pope Skinny.

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Pope Skinny took to Facebook to refute any claims on why and when the photograph was taken.

The rapper said that he would never be gay, and that the picture that the Gay President was sharing was taken at Shatta Wale’s house when they were friends, and that Shatta is in no way his gay wife.

He went on to say that he took the mad shot when they were holding a party in the house with some people, but he was edited out.

watch the video below.