Picture of Afia Schwarzenegger kissing her son surfaces after she jubilated on Poloo’s jail sentence.

  • A picture has surfaced of actress Afia Schwarzenegger enjoying a romantic embrace with one of her twin sons. The two kissed as couples might, and the boy seemed to be under the age of 18 in the shot. The picture was taken at a period when Afia was publicly celebrating Rosemond Brown’s imprisonment and referring to Ghanaians as hypocrites and parasites – Ghanaians have slammed her.

Another picture of actress Afia Schwarzenegger in a disturbing pose with one of her twin sons has surfaced on the internet. Ghanaians also chastised the actress for kissing her son as though they were lovers. They took a picture together while standing by one of Afia’s vehicles.

Akuapem Poloo Jailed: Photo of Afia Schwar Kissing son Drops After Celebrating Rosemond Brown’s fall

Some people have published the images at a period when Afia is publicly celebrating Rosemond Brown’s 90-day prison sentence for exchanging nude photos with her seven-year-old baby.

Some people dubbed Afia a heartless woman because she was too happy in the video about Brown’s incarceration. Rosemond Brown was sentenced to 90 days in prison after a judge found her guilty of exchanging nude pictures with her seven-year-old boy.

Many people chastised her and advised her to remove the pictures after she uploaded them. She, on the other hand, slammed her detractors, claiming that it is her page and her body, and she can write anything she likes.

A video of Rosemond Brown’s mother weeping and asking the judge to take grace and forgive her daughter has shattered hearts. Brown would be in prison for the next three months, but her appeals were not considered.