Director of LGBTQ speaks-“People should see us as human beings and give us the rights and respect we deserve”

Alex Kofi Donkor, the director of LGBTQI, encourages Ghanaians to avoid hating them because they still have privileges as people.

Early on 24 February 2021, it was published on this website that the LGBTQ office in Greater Accra was raided by the Ghanaian police.

A number of Ghanaians have voiced their views on the topic of the country’s LGBTQ origins. Some talk for them, although others are against those actions as well.

However, in an interview on TV3, the director of LGBTQ Rights Ghana, Alex Kofi Donkor, spoke about the ongoing problem.

As per him, being citizens of the nation, they have such rights and must be granted accordingly.

“The fact that our sexual desires vary from those of others should not imply that we are not people and that we should not be valued.”  he continued.

The opening of Ghana’s LGBTQ office is indeed not an act, but rather an office space where they can address the problems that concern them as a group.


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