Patrick Allotey Apologizes for beating Kotoko fan After Public bashing and a possibility to lose his license.

A video fast going viral online captured Boxer Patrick Allotey beating a fan of Kotoko at the Accra Sports Stadium for celebrating Kotoko win over hearts.

The Boxer has made a press release for his actions saying he regrets them so the public and the Micheal Siaw, the man he assaulted should forgive him.

Read the statement below.



My attention has been drawn to a very disturbing video circulating on social media.

Much as I can confirm that I am the one in the video, I wish to state that I am very ashamed of my actions as a professional boxer and truly regret my actions. I, therefore, take this opportunity to render an unqualified apology to Michael Siaw. I am mostly the reserved type who will hardly talk in public but this time around I don’t know what emotions came upon me. I am truly sorry.

Myself, my team and some family members have further taken steps to reach out to ‘my brother’ Michael Siaw and his family and are deliberating on how to remedy the situation. It is rather unfortunate that a simple game of football can ignite such a passion in me to do what I did, but that is to say I am human and I admit so without feeling right about what I did. I wish to plead for everyone’s forgiveness and to reach out to my fans to join me in apologizing to all Ghanaians the rest of the world.

I have learned a very important lesson and will thus appeal to all Kotoko and Hearts supporters to be each other’s keeper. Let us see every game played between these two teams as a match where any of the teams can emerge victorious. The truth is, the loosing team will definitely have a chance for a comeback anytime they meet next and that surely is the beauty of the game of football, boxing and sports in general.

I wish to also appeal to my management at Cabic Promotions & Management to forgive me for my unfortunate altercation. I however take full responsibility for my actions and wish to reach out to my fellow sportsmen and women out there to help me in righting the wrongs. #letsbringbackthelove

My name is Patrick Allotey, the Darling Boy Arrow and I wish to say I am very sorry for hitting Michael Siaw. I am here pleading for everyone’s forgiveness.

The Darling Boy Arrow