Pastor in trouble for doing this to church members - Photos 1

Pastor in trouble for doing this to church members – Photos

Asankragua’s chiefs and elders have asked the leader and pastor of Apostles Faith Church to come and explain what happened in his church this morning. Pastor John Busco is a devout Christian who claims to be a descendant of the Angel Gabriel.

He is the one who single-handedly laid the foundation for his church’s development with one person and has expanded the church from the day he began it with one person in 2017 to over 200 worshipers in 2021. The church is just four years old, but it can boast of attendance even on bad weather days.

The pastor did not have enough members in 2017 since establishing his church, but he was able to eventually expand his church before and after the lockdown in 2020.

He has a day of services dedicated to singles and married couples who want to read, and his Thursday lectures, which he began in March 2020, attracted a large number of worshippers, mostly women.

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He persuaded them that he should assist them in getting married, and those who pursued his teachings were all welcomed to the altar by men, which resulted in marriage, according to my research on him this afternoon.

Members of the church do not look down on him and consider him as the direct son of Angel Gabriel, sometimes referring to him as Gabriel Ba John Busco.

The pastor Gabriel Ba John Busco, who began his singles marriage programs every Thursday in 2020, shifted the program from every Thursday to the main Sunday service for his members, and that decision resulted in such a large increase in worshippers that he now drives a Jeep Cherokee.

This morning, the pastor took several congregation members and used them as preparation for his lectures.

He was teaching how to impress a man, and he may have went so far as to disregard the fact that certain children were with their parents while he did so.

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The pastor bent some women behind him and demonstrated what couples did as practicals to show his congregation how to entertain men and get away from the old-fashioned ways they were used to.

Pastor John Busco conducted all of his lectures openly, with little regard for whether the children were listening or not, or whether he considered the vocabulary he was using, as he never cared to filter any of the words he used.

Asankragua’s elders have asked the pastor to come and explain what he did in his church this morning.

If the elders deem him guilty of some wrongdoing, they will shut down his church, as one of the elders informed me.

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