Pamela Odame Watara resurfaces on social media after months of hiding herself

Pamela Odame Watara, an actress from Ghana who is also a socialite, has been in hiding for a considerable amount of time lately.

Pamela used to share saucy pictures and videos on Instagram, but all of a sudden, she has vanished from the platform.

She is not active on any social media platforms, and her name has not been mentioned in the media for quite some time.

At this time, a number of worried admirers are looking for Pamela Odame and inquiring as to where she might be.

There is a possibility that we have photograph of Pamela that is so rare that it genuinely causes alarm.

Pamela is seen in a snapshot appearing gaunt and pasty, but because no one is aware of what is going on, it is difficult to comment on the matter in any meaningful way.

The last time Pamela was mentioned in the media was in 2020, when Nana Tonardo revealed that Pamela had been a high-class prostitute in Osu when he first met her. This was the last time Pamela made headlines.

Tonardo continued by saying that he had a one-night fling with Pamela after she lied that she was from Kenya, but Pamela did not respond to the charge that she had a one-night stand with him.