”Our Men Are Chopping Us Too Much” – Ghanaian Women Cries Out To Nana Addo To End The Lockdown (Video)

A a video that wev’e chanced on, a Ghanaian lady has pleaded on behalve of all the women in Ghana with President Nana Addo to end the lockdown as their husbands and boyfriends are taken advantage of it.

according to the lady they are since the lock down their husbands and boyfriends have been chopping them day in and day out, of which they can’t stand anymore.

the lady was name was not identified said;

”You wake up in the morning the an erected pen!s is waiting for you. They chop you finish then you prepare food for them to eat. Then they go on social media or watch TV. A few minutes later then they want to chop you again. It is too much. We didn’t quarantine or locked down because of d!ick. We are at home because of the Coronavirus. We are tired”