Okyeame Kwame advises Kuami Eugene on how to choose a helpful wife (video)

Kuami Eugene, a musical prodigy, has received some advice from Okyeame Kwame on how to choose the right partner.

In a new Instagram post, the rapper known as the Rap Doctor shared a moment he had with the singer after their collaboration on the song Yeeko.

Kuami Eugene stated in his conversation with the rapper that the rapper advised him on his remarks during media interviews.

Eugene also mentioned that his relationship with women was another area where he had received a lot of advice.

A musician, according to the battle-scarred rapper, requires a woman who understands Showbusiness.

A woman unfamiliar with the nature of the industry, according to Okyeame Kwame, would drain Eugene’s creativity by stressing him over trivial matters.

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In the meantime, Okyeame Kwame has an enviable marriage and family life in addition to being a successful musician.