Ofori Amposah reacts to the death of Kofi B for the first time

Ofori Amposah for the first time since the death of Kofi B, has spoken.

Ofori Amposah was reported by many media houses as been the one who cursed Kofi B to die after an argument happened between them over a song.

Ofori Amposah was seen in a viral video, cursing the deceased Hi-life legend.

In reacting to the death of Kofi B; Ofori Amposah revealed that he wished he could make somethings right by going back in time.

He added that he saw Kofi B about two months ago and never thought it will be the last time he will see him alive.

“The times we had the good the ugly is part of life, how I wish we could turn the hands of time. The creative parts is what I remember, our struggles to survive, the harsh reality of life in the showbiz. It’s almost two months we met did not know would be the last. May your soul rest in peace till we meet again,” Ofori Amponsah wrote.