“Nothing can make me stop my job, it pays a lot ” – Lady with a University degree who sells slippers reveals

Benedicta Gansah, a female artisan, has emphasized her delight in her profession and the benefits she derives from it.

Gansah is a graduate of the Laterbiokorshie Presbyterian Vocational Institute. She started making sandals and slippers when she was young and has done well at it.

She also makes modifications and repairs shoes, as well as creating wedding flowers.

She told Oman Channel in an interview that she had no plans to quit her job and would keep going to work.

“As for my work, even if Jesus comes to tell me I should quit, I won’t,” she said. “Because that is how I am surviving in Accra. It takes care of my accommodation, feeding, and clothing.”

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She added that she have “invested everything I have in it and I feel proud that this is my job.”

According to Benedicta, it is the job of parents to discover their children’s natural skills and guide them to realize their full potential rather than forcing them into occupations they are not particularly interested in.

She stated that she supports her siblings with the money she earns from her business. She also said she was looking forward to learning more about how to make furniture.

Watch the video below: