Nollywood Actress Ruth Eze Opens up On Why She Stayed Without Sex For Four Years

Nollywood actress Ruth Eze has opened up on how she is surviving this lockdown without a partner.

according to the actress, she has been okay with the lockdown as she is been busy on social media snd her phone, unlike other celebs who have been crying to go out and satisfy their sex desires.

Ruth Eze

Ruth Eze says though the lockdown has affected a movie she was producing, staying without sex for six months is easy for her since she has lived without sex for the past 4 years.

she said;

“I had to set up programs with my fans, fasting and praying and it has been giving me joy. It has not been staying at home. Especially for someone like me that has been very active. Even my beauty salon is not open. No work, no money. It has really affected me seriously. Even seeing videos of people who are sick in the isolation centers, affects me psychologically,”

Ruth added;

“I am not a sex freak. I am also not into sex toys. I can stay for 6 months without the touch of a man. There was a time I stayed for 4 years without sex, this Coronavirus pandemic can’t make me miss having sex. I would rather put my energy into my work. At the moment, I am not into any relationship. Although I have so many guys around me, I am taking my time to work on myself after the last heartbreak. I need to go be cautious of the kind of man I allow into my life. Getting married is a lot”.

” With what I have seen about my colleagues’ marriage issues, it gives me lots of concerns. Marriage is not something you rush into and rush out. I have been thinking about marriage but I have not seen that person that would support me financially, spiritually and emotionally. I don’t believe in the baby before marriage or meeting one rich guy and get pregnant for him. I want to have a beautiful home with my husband and kids. And I know God would answer all my prayers.”