“No serious man will consider the size of a lady’s bortos when looking for a helpful wife”- counselor Charlotte Oduro

The counselor, Charlotte Oduro has issued a rebuke to men who are fixated on bortos.

Counsellor Charlotte Oduro, a relationship coach based in Ghana, has issued a warning to men who are overly interested with women bortos.

The Counsellor stated that any man who is active and serious minded does not care about bortos while he was speaking on Okay FM.

She went on to say that men who have purpose do not consider bortos when they are going after women.

According to Counselor Charlotte Oduro, men who are serious about their lives search for women with whom they can create a life together.

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She continued by saying that such guys look for women who are intelligent enough to predict the future and stand alongside them as equals.

To summarize, she emphasized that any man who has a plan for the future does not have an unhealthy obsession with bortos.