Nigerian man screams after his wh!te girlfriend kissed him in the middle of a busy street (watch video)

After being seen in a public display of affection with a lovely Oyinbo lady, a Nigerian man exclaimed, “I’ve made it!” In a TikTok video, the couple can be seen in public hugging and kissing each other.

But the man seemed ecstatic about the whole thing because, right after they locked lips, he threw his hands in the air and yelled, “God has buttered his bread!”

His actions stunned the Oyinbo lady, who burst out laughing uncontrollably. TikTok users rushed to the video’s comment section to properly analyze it. Some clearly expressed envy and expressed a desire to be the man who received the kiss.

@pia.majiq How would you react? 😂🤭 #goddonbuttermybread #love #nigeriantiktok #fyp ♬ MACHALA – MACHALA

@IamFilz said:

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“Let them Know if she’s the right one. we’re never afraid to show her off.”

@Vanessa Lou Williams commented:

“I love you guys together.”

@goggoboddi reacted:

“See my people. Beautiful couple.”

@Beautiful life (E-son) said:

“Indeed God really don butter your bread. Lovely.”