New video of Moesha’s right A$$ growing bigger than the left one after 3 Liposuction Surgeries pops up

It appears that Moesha Buduong, the CEO of the Ghana Slay Queens Association (GSQA), has begun to experience the negative effects of liposuction surgery.

As a result, we have seen shocking videos of what seems to be Moesha’s right bortos being larger and more watery than her left after she had gone under the knife three (3) times in a row.

Note, it has been said that after a person has successfully completed his or her implant, he or she must seek medical attention for check-ups on a regular basis, and that failure to do so will result in a slew of health problems.

But, according to our unconfirmed accounts, Moesha can not go a day without taking a half-dozen painkillers, as the symptoms and pains of liposuction are getting intolerable for the damsel in distress.

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below is the video watch and share with us what you think;

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