New Video Of Adobea Struggling To Express Herself In English During An Interview (Watch)

Currently, both Adobea and her mother are being dragged on social media.

Adobea is only able to speak Twi and struggles to express herself in English, as shown during an interview where she was asked to give directions to her school.

Despite claiming to be good in academics, she found herself struggling to answer the question. As a result, both Adobea and her mother are facing criticism on social media.

Many people are accusing them of not prioritizing education and not taking the time to learn English, which they see as a necessary skill for success in Ghana.

However, this backlash is not taking into account the challenges that Adobea and her mother may be facing in their daily lives.

It is important to recognize that language barriers can be a significant obstacle for individuals and families, especially in areas where resources for language education may be limited.