Netizens responds to a viral video in which a woman brags about the size of her Vjay.

Chichi Blet, an actress, faced harsh criticism online after users accused her of using dishonest tactics to get attention.

On social media, many users thought that she intentionally inflated a particular part of her body to draw more attention.

The public took notice of this behaviour and expressed their displeasure with her through unfavourable remarks and criticism.

Chichi Blet’s divisive actions went beyond social media; some fans even threatened to boycott her work.

She has made an effort to defend herself and explain the circumstances, but the backlash against her just keeps getting worse.

It is uncertain whether she will be able to win back her audience’s confidence and restore her reputation in the entertainment sector.

To demonstrate the purported deception, a video was even posted online.

See the video below.