Netizens insult father for smoking weed with his 6 months old daughter (watch video)

A video of an irresponsible father forcing his 6-month-old daughter to smoke with him has gone viral on the internet.

In the video, the father, who is definitely a smoker, is recorded smoking and passing the piece to his little daughter to do the same.

Surprisingly, the unsettling footage was shot by the baby’s mother, who can be heard really laughing in the background while enjoying the scene.

Approximately 90% of the comments on the popular video are pleas to authorities to arrest and prosecute the parent, whose actions are extremely reckless and should not be supported.

The child is still a youngster in the early stages of development, and exposure to dangerous materials such as marijuana causes a variety of problems.

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People like the father in the viral video should not be parents.

watch the video below: