Natural DNA: Reactions As Father Shares Cute Video With His Lookalike Son (Watch)

A young father named Gborzimore Moses and his adorable baby, who has a distinctive white mark that extends from his head to his face, are shown in a video posted to TikTok. Other areas of his body can also be found to have it.

Despite’s best efforts, we were unable to independently establish that the mark is vitiligo. The boy’s facial feature, though, has left fans on TikTok in awe.

The video also reveals that Moses, the young father, shares his toddler son’s illness from the top of his head all the way to his face.

Users on TikTok who are awestruck by the physical similarities between the father and son claim that their biological kinship may be proven without further investigation.

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The Vitiligo Society states that the disorder can manifest anywhere on the body and that children who have vitiligo in one or both parents are more likely to develop it themselves.

Watch the video below;