Nana Agradaa exposed after duping a client of his money

Popular fetish priestess Nana Agradaa has once again been fingered for duping a young man of his Ghc 1000 after she promised to make him rich instantly.

According to a source, the young man who begged to remain anonymous explained that he has been struggling to make it in life in terms of his financial stability.

One day he chanced on an advert on television where popular Kumawood actor Big Akwes was telling people about Nana Agradaa’s ‘Sika Gari’ (a god she claims she is the only that has it that can make people rich instantly).

He said added that the actor hammered on the fact that all one needs is just a 1000Gh to be able to qualify for this and saw some people also confirming it during the advert.

The unnamed man continued that he quickly mobilized and went to Nana Agradaa’s shrine located in Sowutum but after seeing the fetish priestess and telling her his mission, she took the Gh1000 and asked that he brings an additional Gh15,000.

According to her, she will bless the money for him when he brings it to get the sika gari. She said failure to bring the additional Ghc15,000 means he would be struck with death something which she does to allegedly blackmails her victims many of whom leave her operation room in fear.

Realizing he has been defrauded, he asked that his Ghc1,000 be given back to him since he was no longer interested in the scheme.

Nana Agradaa refused and ordered him to be pushed out by her boys who were employed to beat and manhandle “headstrong customers” like him apparently.

According to him, he later saw many angry people outside who were afraid to talk because they had been threatened with death or beatings should they misbehave or make noise to alert other would-be victims.

Checks from the Sowutuom Police Station shows countless reports of fraud have been lodged against the self-styled priestess without any action by the police.

Reports suggest that any police officer who attempts to pursue a complaint lodged against her would not hold as that officer with immediate effect would be transferred to another station to kill the case.