Mzvee cries as she was asked why she was Depressed and left Music for so long (video)

For the fans of Mzvee, you all will be glad to know the natural girl has picked up the mic once again and will continue to entertain Ghanaians.

2 years ago, Mzvee went MIA, no music, no comments, no reactions, many people thought she was pregnant.

Her manager Richie came out to disclose that Mzvee was not in the right state of mind to do music.

Mzvee in an interview with andy dosty yesterday revealed that she was depressed and that was why she was not active in music for so long.

Asked about how come she knew she was depressed, Mzvee broke down in tears saying she was frustrated and angry most of the time that she was depressed.

Mzvee is back now with a new banger she calls “sheriff”.

watch the interview below.