Mzgee spotted in a new video with her wedding ring missing (watch video)

MzGee, a well-known figure in the media, is once again making headlines as a result of recent rumors that her resignation was a hoax.

Again, MzGee has had folks talking after appearing on Instagram multiple times while not wearing her wedding ring.

Concerned followers have pointed out that MzGee no longer wears her wedding ring to public appearances such as programs or functions.

On top of that, the outspoken entertainment journalist has called the attention of users of social media to the fact that she is no longer interested in her wedding ring by pointing it out in a way that draws attention to it.

She may be seen dancing on the red carpet and floating her fingers in the air.

Her frantic attempt to attract the attention of admirers to her fingers has caused users to respond online, which in turn has prompted replies from other users.

watch the video below