“My vjay is rotting”- Slay queen cries after she dumped Sugar Daddy,

After shunning her sugar daddy, an anonymous Johannesburg slay queen has appealed to the public for help because she is on the verge of losing her horny pot.

The slay queen, who has since voiced remorse for her behavior, explains how she used to love life with the sugar daddy in question.

“I loved getting an R15 000 monthly pension and going on trips to the most gorgeous places,” she says.

She says she broke up with the sugar daddy after her life took a turn for the worse.

“I didn’t care how old he was, I just needed a blesser,” she said. A client of mine got a blesser and became sick as a result of it.

“My friend told the blesser about me before she died, and I met him after a week. We began probing. She said, “And he’d give me money.”

She was not permitted to call him or take photographs, and she was required to be present at all times. However, she found the love of her life, a jobless man, last year. She made the decision not to inform him .

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“We speculated about what we wanted to do in the future, then my boyfriend figured out about the blesser.

“I’ve always been wealthy. I told him that I had inherited it. He urged me to start a company or put the money to good use. He grew cynical as I continued to spend,” she said.

He allegedly checked her phone and discovered that she was s3xing her blesser. Her boyfriend tried to terminate their relationship, but she pleaded for him to continue.

She then told the blesser that she needed to quit. “The blesser was enraged. I didn’t want him to be so upset because he already has a wife and can quickly find another young woman.”

He promised her that no one will ever chop her again! Her [email protected] started scratching, growing growths, and smelling after a week.

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She saw some gynecologists, but none of them were able to treat her.

According to Gobela Zwelihle Hlophe, blessers use charms and even snakes to obtain money.

“Whatever he was using, whether it was a snake or a muthi, it needed to eat, and the girl was that human.

“I’m not sure she’ll be able to find assistance. It’s difficult to get rid of. The blesser may be able to assist, but it’s unlikely.”