“My spiritual husband is better in bed than my real husband” – Wife Reveals (Watch video)

In a TikTok video that has gone viral, a woman says that her spiritual spouse is better at making her happy than her real-life husband.

The video was however shared by a Spiritualist who revealed that the said woman was brought to her by her real-life husband to seek help in getting the marine spirit out of his wife.

"My spiritual husband is better in bed than my real husband" – Wife Reveals (Watch video) 1

But after meeting the wife, she asked for one thing in particular: that her spiritual husband not be sent away completely and be able to have sex with her every night.

She claims that her spiritual spouse makes her feel more satisfied in bed than her actual husband, and she wants to stay with him forever as a result.

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The woman claims that she doesn’t want to be totally separated from her spiritual husband because her real-life husband has never made her cum as he is really weak in bed.

The herbalist stated that she shared the tale on TikTok;

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