“My son is single and needs a boyfriend”- Afia Schwar confirms her son is gay (watch video)

The sexual orientation of AfiaSchwarzenegger’s son has been validated by his mother.

James’ mother, Valentina Agyeiwaa, also known as Afia Schwarzenegger, has spoken about her son’s sexual orientation.

Nana Tonardo, who used to work for Afia Schwarzenegger, has been saying for about a year that James is having an affair with a man named Richard.

Afia Schwarzenegger has categorically denied this claim again and again, and she has even dared Tonardo to show her the video evidence he says he has.

Afia Schwarzenegger has accidentally told the world that her son is gay by saying over and over again that he shouldn’t be called gay when the subject comes up.

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A live video that she did with her kid revealed that her son does not have a significant other.

It was announced in a very loud voice by Afia Schwarzenegger, who stated, “My son claimed he’s single, and he needs a boyfriend.”

She soon realized what she had said and modified what she said, but it was too late because social media users had already recorded it.

Watch the video below.