“My mother have been sleeping with my husband, i saw their pictures on his phone”- Lady reveals

. A young ladies shared an interesting tale with Tima Kumkum about how she figured out that her rival was her mother.
A lady has learned that her own mother who looked after her as a single mother has an affair with her husband.

the mother pressured her to terminate two pregnancies before marriage  For this same guy, for motives that people would ridicule her for being a bad mother whose child could not wait to give birth for marriage.

This mother also unexpectedly refuses marriage when the man eventually proposed marriage, claiming she won’t want her daughter to marry an Ewe.

However, the lady and her uncle made sure that the marriage was successful.

Two years after marriage,  she learned that her mother was having an affair with her husband all along.

She discovered it when her phone was damaged and wanted to plug her sim into her husband’s old phone to use it briefly.

When she inserted the sim and turned the handset on, her husband still had WhatsApp on the phone, all old messages began to pop up.

She noticed her mother and husband’s old messages that contained nude images submitted to him by her mother.

The lady wanted to stay quiet to figure out if they are really having an affair from the latest phone of her husband and when she went through it, something proved that they are still seeing each other.