My ‘Manhood’ Didn’t Rise Again After I Slept With My Secretary – Married Man Cries Out

A Married Man has shared his story on what he is going through after having an affair with his secretary.

The man who didn’t reveal his identity disclosed that he is a manager in a company took to an online platform and cried for help on what to do.

according to the man as he narrates his story he went on an agreement with his secrestary who is also a married woman to have sex with her and pay her off.

after their intimacy, his manhood has refused to rise up again.

His story reads;

“I am a general manager in one of the companies in Industrial Area. Last month I replaced my secretary with a new one. I felt good for the first time because the old secretary was not beautiful. I started exchanging sweet words with her but at first she resisted, saying she is married.

After so much resistance, I promised her $500 if she agrees to sleep with me. She told me that she will think about it. The following morning she came and I asked her whether she had made up her mind. She told me I have to part with $1,000. Since she is beautiful and it’s rare to get such golden opportunities, I agreed to give her the money.

She told me she has to see the money in the bank. The following morning, before our offices were open, I went and transferred the cash. After she confirmed the balance, she said, “now you can do anything you want, I am now yours”.

I went to a hotel and booked a room. I told her to come over lunch time, I feared to carry her in my vehicle because people could easily tell there is something strange.

At exactly lunch time is when we made love, but what happened next is that I am trying to get help from my dear friends. Immediately we finished, mine literally slept until these hours. My problem now is that I am married and I can’t rise at all. I have even tried to take drugs but they are not of any help. Could it be that I was bewitched. And if so, where can I get help?