"My girlfriend's younger sister is madly in-love with me, i need advise on what to do"- Man seeks help on social media 1

“My girlfriend’s younger sister is madly in-love with me, i need advise on what to do”- Man seeks help on social media


A young man is in a state of frustration since the younger sister of his girlfriend is madly in love with him.

According to him, even though she did not open up to him or admit her feelings to him. , there are all the signals that show,   He claims she comes to his house without wearing panties whenever his girlfriend goes to work or church.

He said the girl likes to say that she wishes she saw him before her sister and that she can take better care of him than her sister does.

see how the man narrated the incident below.

Am in a state of delima & confusion. I am trying to keep my relationship intact & at thesame time help someone out of her infactuation & lust for me.
My girlfriend’s younger sister is into me. She seems to be madly inlove with me even though she hasn’t opened up or confess her feelings for me. But all the signs are glaring. Now whenever her sister goes to work or church she comes by my place witout wearing an underwear. And shes fond of saying; “i wish i met u b4 my sister & i wish u guys get tired of each other so that i can take care of you better than my sister is doing”. She is very stubborn, arrogant, reluctant, desperate & seductive. If care or actions are not taken by me, things might fall apart.

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So should i inform her sister who is my girlfriend of whats going on or i should just shun or warn her youger sister who is craving for me to stop & wake up from her unrealistic fantansies & stay away from me?

Pls i need the best advice i can get.

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