“My Girlfriend Wants Me To Pee In Her Mouth During S£x” – Man Shares His Story

Yes, it’s true that everyone is from a different background but is it true that everyone has a different sexual fantasy?

well, a young man has shared with us his story about what his girlfriend wanted when they are having s3x.

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His story reads;

“Every midnight, Lola and I open the balcony door for some drink and to feel the fresh air, since its just us alone in my duplex it was so fun.

We had been dating for 2 years now and its looking like things are getting bored already between us. That very night i had the greatest surprised from Lola, she told me she always fantasized how it would feel like if i peed in her mouth and all over her body 

By now we had a couple of drinks and things were getting more intense already. Lola what have you been reading lately or watching,i asked. she laughed so hard sounding like she was wet already with the fantasy she told me about. 

Why kunle, “can’t we just spice things up a bit, i am getting bored of our regular doggie and balcony Bleep, i was watching a video about BDSm and i decided to check it out, i enjoined what i saw there so i decided i am going to try it out, since i saw how a man can make a woman feel like a slave to him i thought it would be fun to try” she said

At this point i was all in for this because i have never had a woman who would say i should pee in her mouth and all over her body. She told me how the toys in the video she watched made her wet and she would like to try one out. while we got talking i asked her where we could get these toys so we can try this new feel. We both surfed online and stumbled on a website where we could buy some bdsm kits, we ordered and how amazing how we got our deliveries the next day.

You can’t wait to hear what happened the next day.”