“My Girlfriend Told A Guy She Does Not Have A Boyfriend” – Guy Calls Out For Help

A Guy has shared his story on how he framed his girlfriend as another guy where she told him she is not into any relationship.

the guy took to an online platform and narrated;

I met my girlfriend about 2yrs ago and we’ve been doing pretty fine. Before we met, she was in an abusive relationship and she had to quit.

In trying to understand ourselves, we’ve had to agree and disagree on some things, which I believe is normal. I love her and she loves me too.

I won’t say I have the cash, but I’m always there to support her when she has a very pressing issue. Aside that, I take her out, we go shopping, and lots more…

She is this type of lady that if you try to correct her (in a very respectful manner) she will just get angry and may not even talk to you for even 2 days. Anger is a big part of her life. I respect her a lot and have never used abusive words on her.

When we just met, she was kind. She hardly comes to see me without buying something, even if it’s N50 corn…a gesture that I appreciate so much. About a year into the relationship, her character changed. She became somewhat stingy. But I didn’t take it to mean anything because I hate to even depend on anybody for anything. It didn’t stop me from supporting her and doing the much I can for her.

She doesn’t ever allow me touch her phone. What she does now is that whenever I’m to see and spend time with her, she turns off her data. She rejects some calls when we are together. As someone who wants peace at all times, I’ve sat her down to tell her my observations and ask what the matter was. But she told me nothing was the matter.

So, I decided to buy a new SIM card. I started chatting her as a stranger. She chats with me (the stranger) till even 2am. She has opened up everything about herself to the stranger. Her name, where she’s from, what she does, where she lives and lots more. I’m just wondering why someone who just chatted you today is already getting to know everything about you.

Now to the reason I opened this thread: she told the stranger guy that she isn’t in any relationship. Though, she added that she just met a Guy last week through her friend and they are both trying to work things out. She even sent the picture of the new guy to this stranger.

I’m still wondering why she will do a thing like that. I’m not in her life to waste her time. She is very aware of that. I told her last December that we shall go see her people this year and seal everything, but she told me that we still have time and no need for the rush.

Personally, I had no reasons to suspect her of possibly cheating, but her actions when we are together made me get a new SIM card and started chatting her up anonymously.

On my part, I’m a guy that ladies even open up to me that they like me. They also say I’m very intelligent and all that. I’m very transparent to her. I don’t hide nothing from her. I can leave my phone with her without any fear because I don’t have anything to hide.

I’ve never had anything to do with any lady since I met her. I so much believe in keeping your body and soul to just the person you are with…whether relationship or marriage. If you can’t do that, why not just tell the person that you are not interested again than going your way to deny the person before another guy.

Ladies and gents, why on earth will a man or woman do this to someone who had dedicated his or her all to you?

I will gladly welcome your contributions, including bashing…

Addition: I am business-oriented. To make her depend less on any man for money, I have created a passive income source for her that generates about 20k for her monthly