“My friends Started hiding their Husbands from me when news broke that i was cursed for dating a married man in SHS”- Vicky zugah

Somewhere last year, news broke out that actress Vicky zugah was a cursed woman after she visited a man of God.

According to the prophet, Vicky had an affair with a married man when she was in SHS which lead to the wife of the man raining curses on her.

Vicky confirmed the prophecy as true and even went to apologize to the woman she harmed.

One year down the lane, vicky has described how her friends and fans treated her when the news came out.

She narrated her ordeals in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

“It was not an easy situation because I lost people, I lost friends. Others whose husbands I was friendly with called and asked me to stop being friends with their spouses.

“In my DMs (Direct Messages) on social media, I had people tagging me as a cursed lady and all but I see it all as a lesson, it is a phase which had to happen for a purpose,” she stated.

“I met a guy and took a picture with him; he was a fan so he posted it on his social media pages, and what happened next was just amazing. His wife managed to get my number and called me from Canada to warn me to stay away from her husband.

“Initially when the call came, I was shocked because I had no idea who she was talking about and then later, I got to know. This is what she said when she called me, “cursed woman, why, are you trying to snatch my husband too?” and it was funny,” she said.

“I am one person who does not challenge a man of God. I have my own beliefs but if a man of God says this, I respect that and will do just as I am instructed to and that is it.

“It has rather made me strong and I learnt a long time ago to know what to give my attention to so I am okay with it, I will not kill myself. They tagged me a cursed girl, husband snatcher and all kinds of things but I have decided to turn all these things into something positive,” she stated.