“My daughter’s Vjay is very nice and sweet that is why men keep hoping her”- maa linda

Tik Tok Star Linda Osei, also known as Maa Linda, has communicated with those who are discussing her daughters by sending them a message.

A few days ago, Maa Linda had been seen crying while cursing a certain woman who had made an offensive remark about her daughters. further stated that Maa Linda was seen cursing the woman while she was shedding tears.

She may be seen in a new video that was posted was spotted online on Instagram throwing shade at individuals who have claimed that males have been choping her girls.

In response, Maa Linda stated that her daughters are attractive, which is why males can’t leave them alone because they are the reason for their behavior.

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According to her, the cleavage of her daughter is just as good and attractive as her own.

She implied that even the elderly women who had been disparaging her daughters had slept with the spouses of their friends.

watch the video below.