“My daughter is not a bad girl, all she does is for showbizness”- Yaa Jackson’s father speaks (video)

Yaa Jackson, an actress cum musician, has evolved too much, unfortunately not in the direction society expected her to go.

Today, without anyone asking, Yaa Jackson will suddenly reveal her fake butt and expose her b**bies.

She had a lot of people complaining about her way of life, all of them backlashing her about the kind of life she is living now.

Some of them also went to the point of wondering whether their parents were still living only because they did not believe that an adult would be sitting and witnessing their child act in such a way.

The reality is, her parents are very much alive, and they support her for everything that she is, from what her father is telling.

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Yaa Jackson’s father has talked about the lifestyle of his daughter.

His daughter Yaa Jackson is not bad, according to the seasoned movie producer, as people perceive her as being.

Everything she does is for the gig and mostly for showbizness, he claims.

Interview in detail below;