“My close friends forced me to sleep with an animal” – man confesses on live TV

A 39-year-old guy, whose name has not been disclosed, has told how his friends pushed him to sleep with an animal and consume human meat.

All his predicaments started at the age of six, one day he saw his childhood pictures and his mother told him that a white man wanted to send him abroad when he was a child but they did not agree with him.

Later, while he was celebrating his birthday, the same white man paid them a visit, handed the small kid a cake, and then left. His mother was a trader at the time, so she didn’t always stay home.

As a result, the young man joined a bad gang in their neighborhood. His mother cautioned him to avoid those friends, but he did not listen.

One of his friends had a garden in their house, and they went there every day to sleep with whatever animal they encountered.

Later the man was forced to sleep with a duck in the garden. When he went home, his mother punished him for going back to those friends again.

He did not return to that location for over a month, but he returned again, this time learning how to take money from his mother and beginning to smoke.

As a result, his parents relocated to a new city. It got even worse when they relocated to that town, where most of the young men smoke weed.

He was joined by another acquaintance, who showed him how to gather power by reading Arabic verses from the Qur’an. He obtained charms for attracting females, and the man used the charms he obtained to do a variety of things for his friends.

One of his pals sent him a large sum of money to keep. His mother discovered the money and evicted him from the house in order for him to repay it.

He entrusted the money to an elderly guy in their neighborhood to hold it for him, but when they returned for it, he did not give it to them.

The man then became a member of the sakawa boys, who specialize in defrauding white males. He has since expressed regret for partaking in such acts, has repented, and has committed not to repeat them.

The full interview is below: