“My beauty is a curse to me”- Pretty lady laments.

A beautiful lady has disclosed that her beauty has been a curse to her rather than a blessing.

Hauwa as she is called revealed via a social media post that all her mates are getting married but she is still single because men tend to distance themselves from her sake of her beauty.

She said she use to enjoy the attention she got from people when she was young, but as she grew to become a woman, she found out that her beauty is preventing her from getting a man to be in her life.

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She wrote: “Growing up I had always had people giving me special attention because of my beauty, I always enjoyed that thinking they were just admiring Allah’s work on me, but growing up to become a woman I began to think my beauty was more of a curse than a blessing on me.

"My beauty is a curse to me"- Pretty lady laments. 1

I literally saw all my mates get married with alot of guys tripping over their doorsteps, but the reverse was the case for me, men always distanced themselves from me citing that I am overly pretty and they know another guy would definitely snatch me from him because I would always be the topic of cynosure and so many eyes would be on me hence making me an easy snatched away.

I am Hauwa, a Fulani girl from the Adamawa plains and this are my pains.”